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Effluent Control

Managing effluent can be challenging, but with Onfarm Data, managing effluent is as simple as reaching for your mobile device.


The One Centre Axis platform allows Onfarm Data to customize an integrated effluent control system that optimizes your return on investment. 

The One Centre Axis screenshot of Effluent Control screen operating on a farm

From pond level alerts to integrated pump and irrigator control, through to validated flow and proof of application – Onfarm Data can integrate controls and monitoring into:

  • Direct Inject systems.

  • Underslung systems.

  • Corner Arm Isolation systems (Not putting effluent through corner arms).

  • Underslung Exclusion systems.

  • Irrigator and underslung flushing systems.

  • Pond level monitoring and alerts systems

  • Proof of Application.

To be a market innovator, a company has to solve not only todays problems but have the foresight to solve tomorrows problems as well. For season 22-23, Onfarm Data will introduce a completely new and innovative way to manage your effluent applications based on your stock movements and feed wedge.

Onfarm Data’s new Temporary Exclusion system allows users to control effluent applications at two geospatial levels;

  1. Permanent Exclusion – Any obstacle (troughs, tracks, and waterways) that the user defines that must remain excluded from effluent applications at all times.


  1. Temporary Exclusion – Any paddock (or part thereof) that the user defines that can remain excluded from effluent applications for a set period of time. For example, the user identified the paddocks in which the cows will graze over the next seven days. They can now simply select these areas and allocate the desired amount of time until these paddock can receive further applications. Once the time has expired, these paddocks will automatically resume application activity.

Effluent pond on a dairy farm in New Zealand
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