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Research and Development


Research and Development is a collaboration between Scientists and Engineers to identifying the future industry needs and challenges of farmers. It goes beyond just creating a new technology as a response to current demands and challenges. Scientific research must be at the core of every decision to implement new technologies on a farm.

In order to achieve this, Onfarm Data has been partnering with New Zealand’s leading scientific organisation to develop tools for both the agricultural research and farming industries. It’s by leading the development of scientific tools that we developed a farmer centric technology approach. Data analytics and critical thinking produce long term sustainable outcomes for both the farmer and the environment.


Managing the tidal wave of data available to farmers can be overwhelming. Critical dissemination of presented data and dynamic decision making tools are demanded by farmers globally. At Onfarm Data, we pride ourselves on our ability to visualize the right information on any device, so that our clients have total operational clarity.


In 2017, Onfarm Data developed the One Centre Axis platform, which allows a seamless integration of any irrigation control system, soil moisture monitoring and supporting sensors. The One Center Axis platform allows our clients to integrate their entire irrigation sensor, meter, monitoring and control systems into one agnostic dashboard tailored to the individual user experience

Managing the plethora of data available to farmers in their daily life can be overwhelming if the information is presented in a way that is not easily understood or not relevant to specific needs. We recognise the need for farmers to make accurate and fast decisions that are based on reliable live data running 24/7.



Robust soil science is at the heart of everything that we do, without it, every decision is at best a guess. From creating the tools that accurately calculate soil moisture release curves (Equi-PF), to New Zealand’s leading soil moisture sensor (The Aquaflex), accurate measurement is at the core of every technology we bring to market. Onfarm Data has expanded the product range to include:

  • Agnostic Pivot and Linear control – Any Brand

  • Proof of Application – Any Liquid

  • Fertigation System Solutions – Turnkey solution designed by a certified designer

  • OFD Exclusion System – Effluent and Irrigation compatible

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