Soil Moisture Sensors and Display

Aquaflex is a Time Domain Transmissivity (TDT) soil moisture tape.

Aquaflex was scientifically developed in 2000 by Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand, to achieve a single goal – To be the most accurate insitu soil moisture and temperature sensing device on the market – and it is!

The 3-metre-long top sensor strip is designed to measure six litres (370 cubic inches) of soil and along the depth of the soil horizon in the root area.

Data can be downloaded and viewed in various ways. We have an option for every situation.  

The flexible Aquaflex sensor can be installed in any soil type and in many configurations. The sensor can easily be removed and re-installed if required.

Quality components and production processes result in a robust and reliable product that will provide many years of service.

To achieve this goal, certain design features make the Aquaflex the standout in the field:

  • The largest soil sample reference area on the market today (6ltrs or 370 cubic inches)

  • Highly sensitive TDT technology that is highly accurate in all soil conditions

  • Multiple installation methods to capture the right data

  • Uniquely adaptable to different cropping, orchard, vine, and irrigation systems types

  • The longest serving insitu sensor in New Zealand (Our oldest Aquaflex is 20yrs old and going strong).

Data available 24/7

Powered by Onfarm Data’s One Centre Axis, Aquaflex can not only display your current soil moisture status but also predict your future irrigation needs up to seven days out. Unique predictive scheduling tools allow you to model the outcome of differing irrigation amounts allowing you to precisely target the right amount of water, in the right place, at the right time.







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