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Fixed Grid

Onfarm Data’s SMART Grid solution allows irrigating farmers the operational clarity over their fixed irrigation assets. Whether there are 2 poles or 200 poles, Onfarm Data’s SMART Grid solution is completely expandable.


SMART Grid is the only cost effective, real time single solenoid controller that is also a data logger. This universally adaptable little box can do more than any other single valve controller on the market today.

The One Centre Axis screenshot of Fixed Grid screen operating on a farm

SMART Grid gives your fixed irrigation assets the control and monitoring that would normally be only offered with centre pivots and lateral move irrigators.

SMART Grid allows the configuration to be adaptable to the users requirements:

  • Soil moisture probes and tapes.

  • Pressure transducers.

  • Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Built in test feature.

  • Mobile and desktop compatible.

  • Adaptive runtime scheduling tool.

  • Vary the runtime as a group or as individual poles.


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