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Pivot Control

Onfarm Data’s is uniquely scalable to any farming system. Whether you’re a pasture platform with centre pivots or a cropping farmer with lateral moves, Onfarm Data has a control system that can seamless integrate.

The One Centre Axis screenshot of Pivot Control screen operating on a farm

Key features include:

  • All standard control feature of the pivot panel.

  • Integration of fertigation and effluent systems.

  • Real time fault alerts.

  • Pressure readings at the pivot centre and the last tower.

  • Adaptable to underslung effluent systems.

  • Can be retrofitted to any electric pivot control panel.

Onfarm Data’s One Axis System allows total integration of all your valued data sources:

  • Weather Stations.

  • Soil Moisture monitoring.

  • Pond and Tank levels.

  • Flow meters.

This integration makes the Onfarm Data Control solution on of the most powerful operational tools on the market today.

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