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How do I farm under 190kg/ha Nitrogen?

To many irrigating farmers, searching for a practical solution to meet the new 190kg/ha. synthetic

nitrogen fertilizer limit whilst maintaining a profitable farming business represents a significant

challenge. But what if there was a single solution that was scalable to your businesses current and

future needs, was adaptable to your current infrastructure, reduces your operational costs, reduces

your operational and environmental risks, and had a 1 season payback – Would you be interested?

At Onfarm Data, we deliver custom, scalable, turn key fertigation solutions designed by an industry

professional that will meet your operational and reporting requirements. We understand that the

most significant gains are made in the operational management of a fertigation system not with

what colour the tank is. That’s why we spend our time ensuring that any turn key solution we

provide is based on industry best management practice – So you can spend your time getting on

with the business of farming.

Onfarm Data’s fertigation solution has superior return on investment:

  • Allow users to apply smaller, more targeted amounts of Nitrogen with a lower environmental risk profile.

  • Improve your carbon footprint by reducing diesel inputs.

  • Increases the returnable value of irrigation system investment.

  • Decreases the application costs of fertilizer.


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